Sand Creek Little League

When spring is in the air, and I'm not on a digital design crusade, I'm heavily involved in Little League. As a board member, I took on SCLL's re-branding effort and produced custom illustrations for apparel and outdoor signs and banners. I also gifted custom keepsakes to my team at the end of our 2017 season. The process included photography (while dodging foul balls and calling steals), editing and retouching, and print production. What a rewarding feeling, hand delivering a home-run of a design to the client, even if they're 12 year old little-leaguers!

Sand Creek Little League Branding

Various illustrations that I produced for uniforms and team fan gear.

Player Keepsake Posters

End-of-season keepsake posters that I designed for the each player on the team.

Position Chart

Gameday position chart that I designed for the little league coaches.