Maven - Deck Building Game

Maven is an innovative deck-building game that seamlessly blends TCG mechanics with co-op/competitive gameplay. This is a passion project of mine that has in development since 2020 and is currently being playtested both internally and externally among local play groups. I'm aiming to bring Maven to crowd-funding (Kickstarter / Gamefound) in the near future.

Project Case Study


Early brainstorming and ideation. This is by far my favorite part of the process simply because my pen and pencil can keep up with the ideas going through my mind at any given moment.

Player Board & Starting Deck

In Maven, you play as a Conduit, one of the chosen few selected by the divine Mavens to lead humanity's resistance against the oppressing evils that grasp our world.

Physical Prototype & Playtesting

This part of the design process really highlights what your game is doing well, what it isn't doing so well, and guides your iterative process in the right direction in pursuit of "finding the fun".

Illustration & Design

Iconography and visual assets that I have created for Maven.

Card Templates & Design

With Maven, I really wanted to leverage my expertise in UX and interface design when approaching card design. Visual elements are used to represent adjacency effects and movement based effects. I also focused on simplifying rather than adding unnecessary complexity to the visual layout to put emphasis on communicating information clearly and concisely.

Gameplay & Rules

Player aid style overview of Maven gameplay and rules.


The card set in Maven is separated into three distinct pools called Aspect Types. The Aspect Types are defined by the past (Muse), present (Flux), and future (Void) and each have their own key strengths and weaknesses and feel very unique. Powerful synergies can be created by blending and exploiting strategies between Aspect Types.