Adrian College

At Adrian College, I worked as a Visual Designer on the Marketing & Public Relations team. I was responsible for producing both print and digital content. My energetic personality and versatility as a creative professional allowed me to excel in a fast-paced environment and across a diverse range of projects.

Project Case Study

2019 - 2020 Athletic Calendars

Producing the Adrian College athletic calendars, for the 2019-2020 season, was an great opportunity for me to showcase the range of my creative skillset in visual design. This project included managing team photoshoots, editing / retouching, and producing high quality, print-ready files for production.

Project Case Study

High School Recruitment Poster

Posters produced for the Adrian College Admissions Department to support high school recruitment efforts. These posters promoted upcoming visits from Adrian College admissions representatives. The creative process for this project was really fun and interesting. I decided to play off of popular emojis to draw attention to our message.